Why We're #GladToCare - Part Two

We love celebrating our brilliant care staff and their contributions to the lives of others, and what better time than #GladtoCare Awareness week!

Choosing an agency can be a difficult decision, and the quality of the agency can affect roles available and the benefits. We pride ourselves on being open and honest, and appreciate all of our candidates and the hard work they put in. Last time, we asked our care workers what their favourite part of the job is, and today, we wanted to know why they chose Connect2Hampshire.

“It is a reliable agency and covers many care homes.”
“It was well advertised.”
“Because they accepted me for who I am.”
“Connect2Hampshire is a public sector owned company basically in charge of all Hampshire County Homes. The county homes are very clean, well-organized and have a very good human relationship that ensures that staff and residents work and live in the right environment and with the right tools/logistics.”
“Because of their professionalism, good pay rate and standards ethics practices.”
“It is an environment that provides the opportunity to grow into a better person and teaches me life-long lessons.”

If you’d like to join our carers and progress together, get in touch today.

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Samira Mlalezi

Managing Consultant  
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