Why We're #GladToCare - Part Three

#GladtoCare Awareness Week is coming to a close, and we’ve talked to our brilliant care workers about their favourite thing about their job is, and why they chose Connect2Hampshire.

You may be wondering if care is an option for you, so today we asked what advice our care workers would give to someone considering a role in care.

“Give it a go!”
“Look after yourself to be able to look after others.”
“Seek first the comfort and satisfaction of the residents and your own health and safety, and the money later.”
“Do not try to use any equipment you have not used or don't feel confident using, and do not carry out any procedure(s) you have not been trained on.”
“It is a very challenging job however it gives you many opportunities and the joy of being able to help other people is very satisfying.”
“I would advise that person to join Connect2Hampshire!”

We are always amazed at the commitment and dedication of our care workers, and even though this week is coming to a close, we appreciate them 365 days a year.

Considering a role in care? Get in touch today!

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