Why use a recruitment agency? – Candidate Benefits

Are you a candidate who’s struggling to find employment? Using an agency has loads of benefits…

  • Recruitment agencies are free to use! Everyone wants to save every penny possible so why not sign up with an agency and have all the hard work done for you, behind the scenes, for free


  • Agencies already have all the knowledge you need to know regarding the local labour market. Sometimes, this can be quite difficult and time consuming to research and will be forever changing. We’re up to date with everything going on in your local area, who is and isn’t recruiting, upcoming events and new businesses opening.


  • We have jobs here waiting for you to apply to! When we are looking for candidates it means we have jobs available that we haven’t filled yet. This is your chance to call us or pop into the office for an informal chat about opportunities. We also have access to exclusive jobs that may not be advertised yet; many employers use an agency meaning jobs may not necessarily be advertised externally on job boards.  


  • Agencies have a large network, connections and contacts that aren’t available to an individual jobseeker. We have already built a relationship with all our employers meaning they trust us to provide the best candidate for the role; this could be you! So don’t be nervous about having to build rapport with your new employer as we’ve already done the groundwork.


  • We’re here to help you. We can give you feedback and offer assistance and advice, whether that be interview tips or CV writing advice. We’ve had plenty of experience in this sector and offer you the best advice we can when it comes to finding work. We will ensure that the roles are always suited to you and your needs.


  • We can offer different types of work such as temporary, permanent and shift. If you’re just looking for a temp role for a few months, we have plenty of roles that can be flexible to what you are looking for. If you are looking to start a whole new role, we have permanent roles available too. We also have a shift team that can provide shift work on a daily basis. We’ll be flexible to your needs, so if there are certain areas or days you cannot work then we won’t book you for a shift on that day!


  • You’ll be dealing with experienced consultants; we are experts in what we do as we each run a specialist sector desk. This will benefit you hugely as we’ll be able to broaden your knowledge in the roles we have available and can find you work quickly and efficiently.


  • We offer a 24/7 on call service. If an emergency occurs and you’re unable to work on a Monday, you can give us a call over the weekend. The same applies for evenings and mornings outside of office hours. The on call service allows both clients and candidates to phone up in the case of an emergency to find out information for urgent bookings and offer work on weekends and evenings. This could be a great way of earning some extra money!


Have we persuaded you? Give us a call to find out about opportunities or check out our live vacancies. 

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