Meet the Connect2Hampshire Team (so far!)

Recruitment is a people business and relationship building is at the forefront of our industry. That's why we thought it important to introduce you to the faces of Connect2Hampshire! #FacesofConnect2Hampshire

Leonie Coombs 

Agency Talent Partner | Non-qualified Health & Social Care   


Hi, I’m Leonie,

I’m currently covering the Non-Qualified Health & Social Care desk, recruiting for Care Assistants, Senior Care Assistants, Support Workers and Registered General Nurses. I really enjoy recruitment because every day is different in terms of what may come up.

My recruitment journey has been a really exciting one. It started due to a friend of mine painting a great picture of what recruitment was and how it can not only impact and change your life for the better but also change others’.

Before recruitment, I was in sales and thought recruitment would be a great follow on from that. In my spare time, I enjoy keeping fit, socialising and doing arty things.

My top tips for candidates would be:

  •          Be prepared
  •          Be yourself
  •          Do your research
  •          And relax!


Karen Ledger

Agency Talent Partner | Non-qualified Health & Social Care

Hi, I’m Karen! I’ll be working as a Talent Partner on the Non-Qualified Health & Social Care desk. I’ll be working alongside Leonie and Kyra, recruiting for Care Assistants, Nurses, Support Workers and Domestic Workers.

I love recruitment because I love building rapport with candidates, helping them fulfil their potential and providing them with opportunities. Before I joined C2H, I worked as a resourcing consultant for 9 months and before that, I was in corporate banking with Barclays and Santander as a Personal Banker.

In my spare time, I like playing netball, running and going to the cinema. I even once canoed round an island in 15 minutes!

My top tips for candidates would be:

  • Research the company before an interview
  • Be on time
  • Learn your CV and experience


Kyra Wallace

Agency Talent Resourcer | Non-qualified Health & Social Care

At Connect2Hampshire I’ll be working on the Non-Qualified Health & Social Care desk as a Resourcer.  I’ll be recruiting for Care Workers, Care Assistants, Team Leaders and RGNs.

 I really enjoy recruitment as it’s a fast paced environment and I enjoy the contact with candidates and clients, helping them both in filling their requirements and also finding people work. I have been in recruitment for 3 years now, it’s so enjoyable just because no day is the same! It’s also a very rewarding role. I got into recruitment due to the career path available within the industry. I am also very target driven and feel that I work my best within this environment.

Before recruitment, I was in the hospitality sector. In my spare time, I like socialising and also keeping fit. 

My top tip for candidates would be:

  •          Be loyal! Turn up for appointments and interviews
  •          Be confident in your knowledge and what you have done in past jobs etc
  •          Research the companies before you go to an interview


Lauren Moffatt

Agency Talent Partner | Qualified Health & Social Care

Hello, I’m Lauren and I’ll be recruiting for the Qualified Health and Social Care desk (QSW), including Social Workers, Senior Practitioners and Team Leaders. 

I love working in recruitment due to the autonomy I have in my role; recruitment is a career that has no limits and it is up to you how successful you are in it! I have worked in recruitment for 6 years in a mixture of both external and internal recruitment, mostly within the construction/health and safety sectors.  Before recruitment, I was a hairdresser and still do this in the evenings.

When I’m not recruiting or hairdressing, I go to the gym, hang with friends and love travelling and holidays. Last year, I even decided to move to Cyprus (although surprisingly after a while I actually missed England so came back!).

My top tip for candidates would be:

  •          Make sure you have strong communication with your consultant as they are experts and are there to support you in your career journey 


Joshua Vallance

Agency Talent Partner | Combined - Business Office Admin & Industrial 

Hi, I’m Josh. I’ll be covering the combined desk, which includes Business Office Admin & Industrial (mostly catering and driving roles).

Before joining the team at C2H, I was a chef for 20 years and have worked in most catering sectors. I have spent around 3 years in recruitment and love it because there’s always a new challenge and the satisfaction you get from placing a candidate in a role is second to none!

Someone once told me I always build a good rapport with people and have great people skills, so a career in recruitment sounded just right!

When I’m not at work, I enjoy listening to music, watching a good film or going to the cinema. I am also a great impressionist; I’m even considering some part-time voiceover work!

Here are my top tips for candidates:

  •          Research the company values
  •          Please use your consultants, that is what we are here for! 


Lexi DiMascio

Agency Talent Partner | IT & Professionals 

Hi, I’m Lexi! I will be covering the IT/Professionals desk at Connect2Hampshire.

I really enjoy my job as I thrive off building strong relationships with my candidates and clients. Working in recruitment has loads of benefits, but the one that stands out for me is helping people, whether that be helping clients find the perfect employee or helping candidates find their dream job.

During my time in recruitment, I’ve learnt so much and I have really progressed within the industry. Not knowing what I really wanted to do as a career, I reached out to a recruitment agency to find me work and it just so happened that they had a position there which would be perfect for me.  As I settled into the team, I realised it was something I was really good at and something I enjoyed. It was then that I knew I wanted to build a career in recruitment and haven’t looked back since!  

In my spare time, I enjoy doing photography. I did photography at school and now do it as a hobby. The main photographs I take are horror, nature and animals, including wild animals. A fun fact about me is that I started acting when I was 4 years old at Stagecoach school for acting, singing and dancing. I have been in 3 different amateur drama companies just for acting since then and have been acting for 17 years altogether now!

My top tips for candidates would be:

  •          Think about what the recruiter may ask you
  •          Prepare your answers to interview questions
  •          Be yourself!


Heather Gee

Compliance Officer 

Hi, I’m Heather!

I’m the Compliance Officer for Connect2Hampshire; that means I’m responsible for making sure that only the best of the best quality staff get placed with our client. I am GDPR certified and a stickler for legislation!

I love working in compliance as I am a very honest person, which is instrumental in being successful in a compliance function. I’m not afraid to say no and push back when things aren’t quite right.

I have worked in both recruitment and compliance in varying capacities over the last 5 years, including a spell as a resource and compliance administrator for a health and social care recruitment company.

Before joining C2H, I was a GDPR Support Consultant for a start-up company who provided compliance as a service to SMEs.

In my spare time, I am an aerialist student, specialising in aerial hoop. I actively support various charities; most recently I cut off 17” of my hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust and raised £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support in the process. Interesting fact; I was Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006!

My top tip for candidates would be:

  • Make sure you’re providing your consultants with the correct documentation and information they ask for! It makes the candidate journey that much smoother, and my consultants don't get shouted at by me!


Emma Medhurst

Customer and Supplier Manager

Hello, I’m Emma and I’m the Customer and Supplier Manager at Connect2Hampshire.

I initially joined the recruitment sector as I love speaking to people, and haven’t looked back 15 years later! I started off as an Account Manager in the care sector in Berkshire, then moved into operations for industrial, where I stayed and travelled the length and breadth of England.

Prior to working in recruitment, I worked as a Pension Technician, but this definitely wasn’t for me as everyone worked in silence and I just wanted to talk! 

In my spare time, I enjoy running and the usual being with friends, eating, drinking and generally being social.  I love summer evenings and BBQs – and a good bit of camping!

An interesting (if you can call it that!) fact about myself is that I used to play the clarinet and belonged to the Mid-Somerset orchestra.

My top tips for candidates would be the following:

  •          Communicate well with your consultant
  •          Have questions ready for your interview/registration
  •          Bring the documents you are asked to bring
  •          And most importantly, be yourself!

So, that’s the Connect2Hampshire team so far… but, watch this space as there will be more faces joining us very soon... #FacesofConnect2Hampshire 



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