A Day in the Life of a Social Worker - Part Three

We are halfway through this year’s Social Work Week. We absolutely love Social Work Week as it gives us the opportunity to spotlight some of our hard working Social Workers. We interviewed a handful of our direct workers from different teams and locations to see what a life as Social Worker was actually like!

Next up we have a Children’s Assistant Social Worker who works in the CAST Team and is based in Farnborough. Let us see what they had to say…

Can you describe what a normal day in your role entails?

My working days begin with being on the computer 1st thing checking emails and attending virtual meetings both with professionals and families. Followed by preparing for support sessions both virtual and physical. The 2nd half of the day is generally when I get the opportunity to visit families physically and seeing children after school.

What challenges do you face as a social worker?

As a family support worker, my biggest challenge is family engagement and successfully putting across to families that my role is about helping the family fulfil their potential.

What do you like most about your job?

The feeling I get when a family says that I made a difference and have helped at a time of crisis.

Have you faced additional struggles due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

During this period of working from home I have missed the informal peer support one gets from being in the office- the water cooler chats are missed.

What do you do outside of work to wind down?

There has not been the opportunity lately to do the activities that help me wind down, like a round or two of golf over the weekend. However, this has meant that as a family we have spent more time together, I never knew how competitive I could be at monopoly.

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