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7 Tips for Calming Interview Nerves

It’s no secret that job interviews are amongst the most nerve-wracking experiences of our lives, but they don’t have to be!

Interview anxiety takes on many forms, from shortness of breath to blushing, and the need to impress prospective employers is a key contributor to this. We looked at ways to turn these feelings into positives and harnessing them to your advantage.


Preparation is key

This one may seem cliché, but preparation really is key! Do your research on the company beforehand, understand their values and ethos, and make sure you can align to them. Prepare some key points for commonly asked questions, and note down some career highlights you could talk about.

Don’t go in with an empty stomach

You may be too nervous to eat, but it’s important to try and have something beforehand. This will give your brain the fuel it needs to work properly, and avoid the ever-distracting stomach grumbling! Avoiding caffeine is a good idea too, as this can give you symptoms similar to anxiety and is likely to hinder rather than enhance!

Dress for success

This follows on from the preparation – are they a formal company? Or more smart-casual? The way you dress should align with their own policy, that way, you’ll feel like you fit in from the off and they’ll be able to envision you on the team.

Give yourself time

This covers a multitude of things; give yourself enough time to prepare, to get dressed, to travel (and allow extra in case of good old British delays!), or to set up your computer if it’s online, and take your time when answering. Don’t feel like you need to blurt out everything at record speed, really think about what you’re saying and let the conversation flow naturally.

Breathe out the negative and let the positive in

You may get shaky hands, or start to feel clammy. Practising calming breathing techniques can help with these, and allow you to refocus on the present. Let those negative thoughts go with each breath out, and allow the positivity to take over.

Remember they’re on your side!

It may feel like it’s you against them, but there’s a reason you got this interview, and they want to bring the best out in you. They’re human too and have been in your position, so they know how nerve-wracking it can be and will allow for this.

Plan something fun for after

You’ll be tempted to analyse every aspect of the interview, and will no doubt get yourself worked up thinking about that one thing you forgot to say, and this won’t help with the nerves. Plan something fun to do after – meet up with a friend, take the dog for a walk, or binge your favourite show. And don’t forget how awesome you are for putting yourself out there.

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